Teeth Whitening by ZOOM

Everyone wants clean, white and healthy-looking teeth, but as we get older our teeth get stained and in time lose their sheen. This is why millions of people worldwide have utilized teeth whitening treatment to enjoy and show off their brighter smiles. Solanki Dental Centre is your ultimate dental destination to get rid of the unsightly color and stains on your teeth so you can attain that Hollywood smile you`ve been wanting!

The teeth whitening process is preformed through two ways: In-Office Teeth Whitening which is done by our specialists, and Home Teeth Whitening, where patients are provided with use at home, custom-made tray and whitening kits. Solanki Dental Centre welcomes many patients from around the United Arab Emirates, who come to us for our in-office Zoom whitening treatment and walk out with a bright, satisfied smile.

Factors that cause the yellowing and staining of your teeth:

  • Diet (coffee, tea, soda)
  • Lifestyle (smoking)
  • Advantages of In-Office Teeth Whitening Treatment:

  • Fast & convenient
  • Even, consistent teeth whitening
  • Long lasting results
  • Low sensitivity
  • Safe, effective and comfortable
  • Whitens teeth upto 6 shades
  • Preformed by only trained dental professionals
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