What is Dental Implant

An implant is a prepared titanium post that is placed into your jawbone allowing your dentist to mount a replacement tooth or bridge on it. It is the most aesthetically pleasing way to restore your smile if you have missing, cracked, or broken teeth. We can use them to replace a single missing tooth, multiple missing teeth or even to secure a denture. In older patients, implants are often used to replace an entire mouthful of teeth lost to disease.

The process takes a series of appointments. First, a thorough assessment of your mouth is carried out including x-rays and we then determine the position of the implant. The soft tissues are then prepared under local anaesthesia. A small hole is drilled into the jaw bone in which the dental implant is placed. After the bone has grown around the implant, which takes about two to six months; a crown, bridge or over-denture is placed onto the implant.

At Solanki Dental Centre the placement of an implant is simple, fast and reliable. Sometime the procedure require additional work such as: bone graft, internal sinus lift, external sinus lift, bone graft with membrane.

Dental implants are very simple and secure procedure provided that all the requirements have been met such as healthy bone and gum, good oral hygiene maintenance, controlled medical conditions if any and a good treatment planning pertaining to each selective cases.

All dental implants are made of titanium alloy which is the best suitable material for the process of osseointegration which provides the attachment of bone cells directly onto the titanium surface of the implant. To have a good osseointegration, usually the implant should rest free of any load for a period of 4 to 6 weeks or sometimes even longer.

Nowadays, with the new implants surfaces and shapes we can place an implant with the temporary restoration and the final restoration in about 3 weeks. In certain selective cases it would be possible to place the final restoration within 3 days provided that the conditions are good and met all the requirements needed for the placement of the restoration.

Sometimes when a conservative treatment planning fails; extraction of a tooth is inevitable. The extraction of a tooth should be gentle and precise to avoid any root or bone fractures. The less traumatic the extraction is the more bone level we can preserve for a good implant placement. With the new techniques and implant surfaces immediate implantation after extraction is becoming more common and safe. At Solanki Dental Centre most of our case planning includes the possible placement of implants at later stages and thus all the extractions are carried out with maximum precautions possible.

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