What is Hollywood Smile ?

At the beginning of this century aesthetic evaded the medical domain. It is the meeting of art and science of beauty and aesthetic. The fact that good is within normal limits and the genuine is within logical limits. It is all from the senses that a feeling of pleasure is awaken. A good definition of the beautiful is anything we can add or remove without making any damage.

Teeth will be qualified as beautiful if their forms, proportions, color, texture and alignment are harmonious. A smile will be considered beautiful if there is a harmonious integration of the smile elements on the whole, which will be perceived aesthetically.

Today, everybody likes to appear more beautiful, younger and as the visual medias invaded our daily life, we all want to resemble to the shown models. Aesthetic became closely connected to fashion and technology which became an increasing request from our contemporaries, this has been oriented to an aesthetic dentistry comprising the most important techniques such as whitening of the teeth and veneers.

At Solanki dental centre, we are specialists in providing you the perfect teeth to compliment your individual charismatic smiles. Using composite, or porcelain we give your teeth a beautiful natural white color and perfect harmonious form to give you that "Hollywood Smile" you have always dreamed of.

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