When we are extracting the teeth ?

Extractions of hopeless teeth are sometimes unavoidable. We may need to remove a tooth if decay has destroyed enough tooth structure that restoring the tooth is no longer possible or the surrounding bone loss is so severe that the support of the tooth is compromised. Teeth may also be needed to be removed in certain cases for orthodontic (braces) treatment in order to regain some space between teeth. In addition to wisdom teeth, the orthodontist may also need to remove other teeth if

1. They are not able to come through into the correct position

2. There is not enough arch space present

3. They have only partly come through

4. They are severely decayed and unrestorable

One of the most common surgeries is the impacted wisdom tooth removal. More often wisdom teeth have no place on the arch which leads crowding of teeth in addition to inflammation and infection around the wisdom tooth region. Some of the cases are encountered with complications like dental nerve proximity, cysts, deep impactions (deep into the bone) and more, because of all these risks involved only a qualified surgeon is allowed to carry out the surgical procedure. At Solanki dental centre we frequently carry out these surgical procedures.

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